How to quickly and easily plan your videos using Agile and Kanban

This is a quick method to start planning your videos, quickly and easily and then track your process from start to finish. It’s also a great way to trigger thoughts about what is in your video and prompt you to have more ideas as well as prioritising your shots.

Zoe and Jess chopstick challenge

The girls wanted to make a vlog episode, I thought it would be a mess but it was actually pretty funny. Well, I mean they were actually pretty funny!

Interview with Willi Michalski – Sydney master ceramicist

At the conclusion of his 30th ceramics show, I interviewed master ceramicist Willi Michalski about the show, his work and about how it all came to be. Willi talks about how he got into ceramics, how he setup his first kiln and how he feels about the art now, almost 40 years on from when…