How to plan a vlog or short film using Agile

This simple Agile workflow will make it easy for you to plan your videos and give you more time to be creative. Straightforward and easy planning methods not only save you time but they also give you a chance to forward think about your video and trigger ideas before you even pick up a camera….


Any guesses where this is? Believe it or not, it is only 8kms from the Sydney Harbour Bridge! It was pretty smoky in Sydney yesterday morning. #sydneylocal #ilovesydney #sydneywinter

Why Instagram hashtags won’t work for small users

I’m using the popular hashtags, why aren’t I getting likes? Well, to answer that question, firstly what do hashtags do? Hashtags are all about joining a conversation. Think of it as a crowd of people. If you join a large crowd of people, it’s more difficult to be heard but if you join a small…

Finding time to shoot

One of the hardest things about ‘part time’ photography is finding the time to shoot content. Morning’s is usually your best option since it’s a part of the day that’s not impacted by life requirements, kids, dinner etc. It still takes a bit of planning, checking out when golden hour is, where you’re going to…