What is the right pace for change for a team to stay productive

Any change is necessary component of progress but it can also be challenging when taking on at a rate that is not sustainable. Change has a pace.

The trick is finding what that pace is and allowing it to take place organically and at a speed that suits the team.

A saying I always remind myself of is “Don’t inflict your help on people”. This basically means that rather than me as a coach presenting an end solution and trying to force that solution onto a team, even when I know it has worked in the past and will likely also work for them, I need to coach that team through finding the right solution for them.

One reason this work is that they are going to be far more invested in their own solution than in something I just give to them but more importantly, they’re not just jumping to the end solution right from the very beginning. They’ll iterate on their solution until they reach an optimum way of working.

That rate can differ from one team to another so the pace needs to be set by the team themselves and not anyone who it coaching them or the business defining it for them.

A discovery of a better way of doing things is exciting so we shouldn’t take that away from the team.

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