My DJI Mavic Pro workflow and settings for the best cineamphotography

Check List

Pre-day checklist

  • Batteries Charged
  • Remote charged
  • Phone / Tablet charged
  • Check SD card is empty
  • ND / PL filters (PolarPro)
  • Check the weather – install likely ND filter
  • Check the sun direction –
  • Plan your shots
  • Firmware up to date
  • Set expected settings – Resolution and frame rate, ISO to 100 – cinematic or action
  • Video mode in D-Log unless you are not colour grading.
  • Turn on histogram
  • Check date and time – all cameras
  • Check flight plan clearance – CASA if you’re in Australia

Pre-flight checklist

  • Battery ready and fully charged
  • Remote on – App open – Mavic on
  • Compass Calibration if needed
  • Max height set if needed
  • GPS established – Home point set
  • Set white balance
  • Check shutter speed


  • Record as you take off, sometimes it’s a nice shot.
  • Launch with precision landing enabled


  • Check clearance, 360 around to make sure you’re above obstacles.
  • Set Return To Home (RTH) altitude to current height, visually above surrounding objects.

Pre-shot checklist

  • Clearance path to endpoint
  • Confirm white balance
  • Check Resolution, set to 2.7K – FPS 24
  • ISO
  • Exposure
  • Drop and change filter if necessary


  • Filing by video and image
  • Import into Premiere Pro
  • Create proxies
  • Drop onto timeline and cut
  • Drop back into project
  • Colour balance etc



2.7K – 24FPS
Color: D-Log
Style: Default – 0 -1 -1
Gimbal pitch EXP: 20 – done

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